6jz8 tube data sheet

Data sheet

6jz8 tube data sheet

Please see the data substitutes at the top of the page for more details. 6jz8 6jz8 6jz8 6jz8 6k11 sheet 6k11 6k11 6k11 6k13p 6k13p 6k1p 6k1p 6k4p 6k4p 6k4pev 6k4pev 6k5g 6k5g 6k5g 6k5g 6k5g 6k5g 6k5gt 6k5gt 6k6g 6k6g 6k6gt 6k6gt 6k6gt. 6jz8 tube data sheet. Although it sheet is sheet a very nice tube, I rarely find it to match my needs. Radio tubes are valves. Title: 17JZ8 17KV6 17KV6A Author: RCA Subject: PM- data JA- FPCreated Date: 1/ 18/ 9: 47: 37 PM. ElectronTubeStore. These data 12 pin 6jz8 compactron based sheet sheet tubes contain two sections triode , power pentode, are designed for television receiver applications.
If you are looking for an 808 tube, just go to the 481B - 925 Tube Types category. If you are looking for a 6L6 tube, just go 6jz8 6jz8 to the sheet 6KM8 - 6R7 Tube Types category. Compactron tube sockets ( both solder tab printed circuit types) are reasonably common 6jz8 at Antique Electronic Supply on eBay. pdfbytes) 6JZ8 RCA ( HB3) tP 6JZ8. A discussion came up on one of the news groups some time ago about building the smallest ( or data simplest) push- data pull tube audio amplifier. Octal USA 1935 , IO) K8A Frequency data converter shown. Tube Data Sheet Locator. The complete datasheet can be found here.

pdfbytes) 6JZ8 Tung- Sol tP 6JZ8. Other brands come with a rather long glass tube and have the entire upper dome covered with getter like this sample from the Zenith brand:. It' s type Z- 2946 6jz8 what little I know about it is here. 6jz8 tube data sheet. Thanks to Ryszard J. com / 真空管在庫テーブル/ Tube Inventory ( 更新日/ updated on / 5/ 21) ・ 真空管は、 正規動作範囲内におきまして、 data 納品後1ヶ月保証。 ・ お支払いは、 在庫確認の上, 銀行口座振替または現金書留で.
The lists are about 100 tubes each so you might need to scroll down 6jz8 to find the tube you need. As a driver tube in a power amp it has just too little gain for a 2 stage 6jz8 design. Tube is tested and guaranteed 30 days. They are glass etched on top 6JZ8 U. pdfbytes) 6JZ8 General Electric tP 6JZ8. Barczynski who offered me a lot of diskspace online I can put sheet all my datasheets on the web. They have gray plates and top 6jz8 getters.

; I discovered sheet that scanning actual tubes is quite possible. This got me thinking about making a one tube push pull amplifier ( two tubes for stereo). I data have heard that there are a couple of fluorescent indicator ( " magic eye" ) tubes data on the Compactron base, but have not confirmed this. com 6JZ8 triode power- pentode tube, new old stock, power- pentode tube [ VT- 6JZ8] - Type 6JZ8 triode boxed. sheet Tube 6K8 Triode- Hexode, Röhre 6K8 ID2702 Octal ( Int. 6JZ8 RCA ( RC30) tP 6JU8A. pdfbytes) 6K11 General Electric ttt. The triode acts as a Pierce crystal oscillator the pentode as a conventional power amp. There is also a photoconductive sensor cell manufactured ( circa 1963) by GE in a Compactron envelope.
with dot code , printed in white with GE logo ELECTRONIC TUBE CA 188- 5. pdfbytes) 6K11 RCA ( HB3) ttt 6K11. The tube was designed data to work as vertical deflection amplifier in TV sets which requires a very sturdy tube. I cribbed heavily from a circuit published in QST in 1972 which has been sheet around the block ( the Web) quite a bit. data Initial date of my Electron tube Data sheet homepage @ www. Bold designators are close different pinouts , Italic designators are different 6jz8 ratings, identical different filament voltages. Boxes are standard GE orange and gray printed 6JZ8. The tube is a 6T9 Compactron triode- pentode.

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Tube audio amplifiers made from TV compactron tubes. 6JZ8 13JZ8 17JZ8 24JZ8. 6JS6 datasheet, cross reference. 6JD6 6JD6 6JH6 6JH6 6JH6 6JH8 6JK8 6JM6 6JM6 6JN6 6JN6 6JS6 6JU8A 6JV6 6JV8 6JV8 6JZ8 6JZ8 6K6GT 6K6GT,. 5 million vacuum tube types, valves, grid caps, sockets and capacitors in stock.

6jz8 tube data sheet

It is easy for antique collectors, ham radio operators, audio enthusiasts, broadcast enthusiasts and amateur radio hobbyists to buy, sell and trade vacuum tubes, electron tubes, audio tubes, valves, grid caps, sockets and capacitors. 6JZ8, Various manufacturer, Various country, Triode pentode. Do you want tube matching ( matching + $ 5.